Free 5 Minute Financial Checkup.

It's just like a full medical checkup.
Only it's for your finances and it's done by a powerful AI.

It's fun, quick and 100% free.

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If something is wrong with your health or finances, wouldn't you want to find out sooner?

Do your checkup and get an instant Action Plan to improve your finances!
This could be the smartest investment of your time.


Already have a financial advisor?

Great! Get a free second opinion in minutes... or use Perfiqt together with your advisor


 What you get

Powerful Artificial Intelligence that turns advanced financial planning into a short, fun and engaging process. You will do in minutes what takes finance professionals hours.

Get Answers

Am I on the right track? Should I buy or rent? When can I retire? Pay off debt? + many more


Get Action Plan

Our AI will compare your profile to thousands of your peers and give you an Action Plan to improve your finances.

Why we do it?

Finance industry is optimized to make money, not to help you.
We are changing this.

"The complexity of finance makes it harder for people to see when they are being screwed. Too many people follow a sales pitch, thinking that they actually get an expert advice. To help, we came up with a Perfiqt idea:
instead of advice - give people easy access to information.
When you know - you are much harder to trick. Information is the best protection against abuse."

- Gene Khalyapin, Founder/CEO -